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About Us

Family Practice Associates, established in 1998, is dedicated to providing personal medical care to the Wichita Falls community. Our dedicated staff and healthcare professionals are here to serve you and your family, so you may achieve the best health possible.


Clinic hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-4:45pm, Friday 7am-12pm

(Walk-in clinic open daily)


Several of our physicians are accepting new patients; call us today!

You Can Be Part of the Answer!

Clinical research lays the foundation that is necessary to make advancements in healthcare.  The advancements made through clinical research offers all patients new treatment options and life-changing decisions. Volunteering for a clinical trial means contributing to the development of treatments to help future generations combat illnesses and disease processes.


Ask your healthcare provider at Family Practice Associates how you can contribute to take part in one of our compensated clinical trials. 

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